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ChiroPulse365 Refresh 365.1.682 info (database 5.09)

You might be thinking… did I miss it… what happened to database level 5.08?  🙂 No worries, we had several refreshes at database level 5.08 for in-house and on-site testing for our Document Management System (now available)! While our Document system was being tested extensively we made even more changes &  additions so that we were able to jump to  database level 5.09 for public release 🙂

Changes in this Refresh:

  • Image & Document Management System & Index – ChiroPulse365 now features a fully indexed document file-management system that links any computer file to your patient database. You simply view/find the computer file (document, audio, video, picture, PDF, etc.) then tag it by patient, description, date, & keywords as well as optionally link it to a treating doctor, referring doctor, claim and/or lawyer. This lets you instantly retrieve, view, edit or print the linked file from any computer in your office or network running ChiroPulse365 – including wireless netbooks! For more info, an overview & instructions see our blog entry here: http://chiropulse.com/blog/?p=214
    Image viewer tweaks from pre-release versions (database level 5.08)

    • When launching from CTRL-D from MyOffice (before a patient was selected in Patient Finder), the Document system always recognizes the patient whose files are loaded, otherwise displays a message to “select patient” (CTRL-D from MyOffice)
    • When importing documents, file cleanup is now enabled by default. This moves the file from the temporary location to your PulseSQL/images/200x/xx subfolder. If the file is in use (ie. being read by an external editor/viewer) you will be prompted to close the file then retry. If the file is not closed import will be cancelled to retry later.
    • After importing a file, a placeholder image or text appears so you can visualize that import was successful
    • When tagging, the last used keywords, tags, descriptions, etc. are stored so you can quickly tag similar documents. For example you can now easily add several MRI or x-ray reports from the day or week (that arrived via fax, etc.). Clear button added to wipe clean the tagger window to enter new descriptions, tags, etc.

manage, tag & track files & documents for your patients

ChiroPulse365 Refresh 365.1.631 info (database 5.07)

We’re going to try and Blog each ChiroPulse365 Refresh from here on out, to visualize some changes. For a complete list of changes please see the Member Center and/or from MyOffice open the “Recent Additions” printable file!

We are releasing a second Refresh in March because we anticipate our next Refresh will be a significant one with database level jump to allow for our Image & Document Managment System to be introduced.

Changes in this Refresh:


Travelcard startup configuration - new menu added

Travelcard – “Set Travelcard Startup…” new top menu added with keyboard shortcut Alt-T.  This lets you select which note type to view & load when opening Travelcard, for each computer. Previously the “SOAP Note” was automatically viewed, then more recently “ChiroCare”. Now you can decide, per computer what you want to view when Travelcard is opened! Continue reading