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Print what you need, when you need it!

This blog entry is intended to make you think about how much paper you generate in ChiroPulse365.

When talking to chiropractic offices it really amazes us how often the staff prints things from ChiroPulse that is really doesn’t need to be.  Print today’s schedule, print the HCFA that you sent electronically, print a patient invoice you sent, print a SOAP, etc.  Sure some things need printing (I.e. a patient walkout receipt they ask for) but much of what the average office prints is stuffed into a patient folders to take up space & quite often do nothing but collect dust.

ChiroPulse365 has a full “what you see is what you get” print preview. It can export to many computer electronic file formats and multi-page PDF portable document file. We’d like to urge your office to really start to consider the actual need of a paper printout before sending the preview to the printer.

While each of your offices has unique needs & requirements, we have a vested interest to have your patient data instantly retrievable, organized & reproducible for medical, legal & accounting purposes Continue reading