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Block Pre-scheduling from Careplan has arrived!

This highly requested feature is now now ready for your office! (database level 5.11+)

From the patient’s Careplan you can select a careplan entry – for example “3 times weekly starting 11/1/2009 through 11/15/2009” – and quickly schedule multiple appointments for a patient directly to scheduler, while picking the preferred time/dates. This feature is useful for all practice types, from cash-only to personal injury since it allows rapid appointment entry & the quick printing of these appointments for the patient. It nicely integrates the clinical Careplans with the clerical Scheduler & visit posting.

You can block schedule the following Careplan entries: Daily, Daily AM/PM, Weekly. Other intervals can more easily be cloned. Click the careplan entry (ie. 10/01 Weekly entry selected below) then click the “Block Schedule” link to see the block schedule careplan overlay.

block schedule

block schedule directly using careplan entries!

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What Major Stuff is in the works for ChiroPulse365!

We just launched our web blog (i.e blog) to help us stay in better touch with your office! Let us share some exciting things happening with ChiroPulse365.

1. ChiroPulse365 will soon feature a fully indexed document file-management system that links any computer file to your patient database. You simply view/find the computer file (document, audio, video, picture, PDF, etc.) then tag it by patient, description, date, & keywords as well as optionally link it to a treating doctor, referring doctor, claim and/or lawyer. This lets you instantly retrieve, view, edit or print the linked file from any computer in your office or network running ChiroPulse365 – including wireless netbooks!

When working with any patient (for example from¬† Patient Finder Tab) you will see a list of documents – such as MRI results from 2/2009, blood tests, faxes, word processor files – that were linked to this patient. Thus keeping your patient files totally organized & always at your fingertips!¬† — This is in beta testing at select sites since February, 2009. Continue reading