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Electronic Claims Submission: start to finish

Choose a Clearinghouse to provide EDI / Electronic Claims Service
Your office must select an EDI clearinghouse to accept the electronic claims that are generated by ChiroPulse. Clearinghouse prices & value-added services will vary so please determine your office needs. We generally tell people to start looking first at Ability who have offered many ChiroPulse offices prompt service for years. You can then compare their price and services to other or local Clearinghouses. Click Here for info on a few good EDI Clearinghouses that we recommend and/or have received good feedback from actual customers about. Continue reading

Electronic Claims ECS/EDI Clearinghouses & Vendors

Electronic Claims Vendors

ChiroPulse can work with almost any clearinghouse that supports industry standard formats. Listed below are a few vendors that have great customer feedback and have been compatible with ChiroPulse for years. Each clearinghouse has various options, pricing and value added services which should be considered against strictly the advertised “price”. The ability to get you quickly up and running, with correct EDI output for peculiar settings required by local insurers is important too!

Ability (formerly MD On-Line)
6 Century Drive, Parsippany, NJ 07054
Email: referrals@mdol.com
Website: www.MDOL.com
Phone: 973-753-2165

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