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CMS-1500 HCFA Claim Form (02-12) Readiness w/ 12 ICDs

ChiroPulse365 (refresh x.1401+) is ready for the new CMS-1500 2014 (02-12) paper form that most carriers will be accepting 4/1/2014. This form (and “plain text EDI file) adds some new fields & qualifiers that applies to paper/print.  All PIN/Overrides are available as used before with prior claim forms (print & electronic). Three “invoices” typically apply:

  1. Paper Printed: CMS-1500 Form 2014 (Revision 02-12)
  2. Electronic Submission: Plain Text 2014 (typically requires one-time “mapping” by your clearinghouse)
  3. Electronic Submission: ANSI837 5010 EDI format (fields and qualifiers to not apply to this format) Continue reading

ANSI-837 EDI Loop Info (5010)

The Information below cross references ANSI-837 X12 Loop/Segment/Fields to the location in ChiroPulse where the info appears when creating an EDI file field. Use and search (CTRL+F or search box on the upper right) this info then go into ChiroPulse and modify any errant data. Then recreate the EDI file & resubmit the claim. Continue reading

Electronic Claims Submission: start to finish

Choose your EDI / Electronic Claims Clearinghouse
You have to chose an EDI clearinghouse first before you can submit claims which is independent of ChiroPulse. The clearinghouse prices & value-added services vary so research which would best suit your needs. We generally tell people to start looking first at mdon-line who have offered many of our ChiroPulse customers prompt service for years. You can then compare their price and services to other or local Clearinghouses. Continue reading

Electronic Claims ECS/EDI Clearinghouses & Vendors

Electronic Claims Vendors

ChiroPulse can work with almost any clearinghouse that supports industry standard formats. Listed below are a few vendors that have great customer feedback and have been compatible with ChiroPulse for years. Each clearinghouse has various options, pricing and value added services which should be considered against strictly the advertised “price”. The ability to get you quickly up and running, with correct EDI output for peculiar settings required by local insurers is important too!

MD On-Line Electronic Healthcare Solutions EDI
6 Century Drive, Parsippany, NJ 07054
Email: referrals@mdol.com
Website: www.MDOL.com
Phone: 973-753-2165

Continue reading