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Data Backup – Protect your patient data (& office accounts)

Data Backup with ChiroServer Tools & Removable Media

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Nightly Backup: At the end of day use ChiroServer Tools to backup your ChiroPulse (ChiropulseDBmaster) database. This is located on your Server or stand-alone PC. A multi-step redundant backup will protect your office against every type of possible data loss (i.e. hard-drive failure, sabatoge, flood, fire, theft, etc.) Continue reading

Install Microsoft SQL Express 2005 Database Engine on Windows XP

These instructions are to install the Microsoft SQL Express 2005 Database Engine (featured with Windows 7/Vista on Windows XP. This would be required if you ran out of space on your database (XP SQL Engine has a 2GB file size limit) or if your previous server was Vista/7 but your new server is XP (which is not recommended). Continue reading