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CMS-1500 HCFA Claim Form (02-12) Readiness w/ 12 ICDs

ChiroPulse365 (refresh x.1401+) is ready for the new CMS-1500 2014 (02-12) paper form that most carriers will be accepting 4/1/2014. This form (and “plain text EDI file) adds some new fields & qualifiers that applies to paper/print.  All PIN/Overrides are available as used before with prior claim forms (print & electronic). Three “invoices” typically apply:

  1. Paper Printed: CMS-1500 Form 2014 (Revision 02-12)
  2. Electronic Submission: Plain Text 2014 (typically requires one-time “mapping” by your clearinghouse)
  3. Electronic Submission: ANSI837 5010 EDI format (fields and qualifiers to not apply to this format) Continue reading

ANSI-837 EDI Loop Info (5010)

The Information below cross references ANSI-837 X12 Loop/Segment/Fields to the location in ChiroPulse where the info appears when creating an EDI file field. Use and search (CTRL+F or search box on the upper right) this info then go into ChiroPulse and modify any errant data. Then recreate the EDI file & resubmit the claim. Continue reading