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CPT Charges, Fee Schedules & Contracted Rates

For each insurer, you can set fee schedules which define the dollar amount the insurer has agreed to pay a specific doctor for a specific CPT.  i.e. the contracted rate fee schedule.

The allowed amount is the insurer’s contracted rate (for the doctor who performs the service). The difference between the contracted rate & your standard CPT fee is automated as a non-collectible payment entry in the ledger.

For example if a charge for a CPT is $75 & the fee schedule allowed amount is $50 when adding visits a $25 non-collectible payment will be posted to ledger automatically along with the visit/charges. Continue reading

Ten (10) Scheduling Tips with ChiroPulse365 Enhanced Scheduler

1. If all slots for the doctor are taken you can quickly insert one.
First click on a taken slot for the doctor, so it presets that doctor. Now click “new appointment”, select the patient then click “Select Slot”. Now press “Add Extra Slot” and create the additional slot.

2. Future Appointments view is for…. you guessed it…. viewing only future appointents 🙂
To view all appointments for the week simply click the date and in the calendar click Week. To view all appointments for the month for a specific patient, in scheduler F3 find the patient & click the date, then month button. Presto!

3. Keyboard shortcuts are your friend in patient finder. Especially the less obvious ones.
For example in the patient dropbox type “all” (without the quotes” and press down arrow to immediately go to all patients. To find Joe Fitzgerald simply type fitzg and press down once or twice until Joe Fitzgerald appears right before your eyes! No need to keep reaching for the mouse. Continue reading