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Removable drive autorun notice (Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex & WD MyDrive)

Please note that certain removable hard-drives such as Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex & WD Western Digital MyDrive come with automated “backup” software that self-installs (often without you really knowing) that can create problems with Microsoft SQL Server (the database engine powering ChiroPulse365). Continue reading

Data Backup – Protect your patient data (& office accounts)

Data Backup with ChiroServer Tools & Removable Media

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Nightly Backup: At the end of day use ChiroServer Tools to backup your ChiroPulse (ChiropulseDBmaster) database. This is located on your Server or stand-alone PC. A multi-step redundant backup will protect your office against every type of possible data loss (i.e. hard-drive failure, sabatoge, flood, fire, theft, etc.) Continue reading