ChiroPulse365 Smart Refresh (level 365.2.2316 | database 5.17)

released: 9/7/2018 | “Recent Additions” changes click here

direct installer links:  SmartInstaller or alternately
CP365 Refresh Install | ServerTools Refresh Installer

To refresh a computer with ChiroPulse365 running, at the ChiroPulse login screen click the  Refresh/Update Menu and select “refresh & install…” then follow the prompts.

If you still have trouble read below…

Click (or right-click) here to download & save cpRefresh.exe (the Refresh Smart Installer) to desktop

1. Notice the prompt bar at the bottom of the browser… Click the button menu to SAVE AS


2. click Desktop on the left then OPEN to save the file to desktop to easily find it


3. if prompted to replace the file select YES so that you have the newest version


4. WINDOWS 10 & 8 USERS follow the steps below to grant permission. Click MORE INFO then RUN ANYWAYS:

Windows 10 User Access Control PRESS YES

If you successfully downloaded & ran the refresh but the INSTALL was INTERRUPTED with an INSTALLSHIELD ERROR please do the steps below after verifying the download was successful, installation has begun and interrupted with an error …

  • Open Control Panel Open Programs & Features (or Add/Remove programs if using Windows XP)
  • Double-click ChiroPulse365 and REMOVE Restart PC
  • Reinstall CP365 Client then Reinstall the ChiroPulse Refresh

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