Wireless Networking w/ ChiroPulse

Wi-fi wireless roaming with ChiroPulse from room-to-room with a tablet PC is a desirable feature for some offices. Please read this article to learn more about wireless networks for your office and how optimize performance with good hardware and proper software settings.  Use the wireless checkbox at login from wireless PC/tablets.

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Requirements for Wireless Use of ChiroPulse365:

  • Windows Laptop/Tablet with Wireless-AC (or Wireless-N) card
  • Wireless-AC (or Wireless-N) Router or Wireless-AC Bridge/Access Point
  • Proper wireless network setup

Wi-fi wireless roaming between treatment and other rooms in your office
Wi-Fi is a useful tool for network PCs (ie. for the doctor to bring into a treatment room or exam room) but wireless networks introduce areas of concern that you must be aware of:

  1. Reliability vs Mobility. Wired networks are 100% reliable & require no real configuration. Wireless networks are less reliable obviously and are subject to interference, lost signals, poor reception and/or improper setup. With the drawbacks of wireless comes one benefit… MOBILITY. Wireless is typically used by the doctor/therapist for notes, re-scheduling & looking up clinical patient data (i.e. Travelcard). Wireless allows mobility but is not sufficient at running data-intensive tasks such as invoicing, reporting or heavy ledger editing that takes time to complete.
    A doctor wanting to carry a Surface Pro between rooms and reviewing X-Rays or medical histories – mobility – is a great example of wireless use. The doctor using a laptop only at their desk – no mobility required – should have a wired CAT6 (or 5e) gigabit network connection to maximize speed and stability at all times.
  2. Security. Wireless networks WPA2 encryption are completely safe. Unsecure wireless or wifi using basic WEP encryption is easily breached and should not be used in your office. You must run WPA2 level encryption or better on your wireless router and all cards. This is business-level security that matches the security of wired networking.
  3. Ease of Setup & Maintenance – wi-fi networks require a new Wireless-AC router (or you can simply piggyback a wireless-AC access point) in addition to Wireless-AC wifi cards for laptop computers. Wifi requires setting up WPA2 security, creating keys/passwords and doing the initial connection & permissions. Installing a wireless-AC wi-fi card cards takes a screwdriver, popping out the old card, disconnecting the small wired antenna & inserting the new card. It is a quick & pretty easy do-it-yourself swap though. Some laptops (not netbooks) have express PC Cards which allow you to insert the new network card in the side like a large credit card that protrudes a little bit. We recommend the internal mini-PCI card since it takes up no space and is done once and never touched again.
  4. Wireless-N 802.11ac standard only (802.11n is slower, wireless-g is useless) – this is the latest, most robust & secure wifi standard above Wireless-N. Wireless-AC is required and must be running at full bandwidth on all devices (notebook/netbooks & router/wifi-access point).
  5. Never use wireless wi-fi to connect two desktop PCs. Remember that wireless provides mobility at a cost of performance & stability. Don’t waste time and energy wirelessly connecting stationary PC/laptops. Use wireless when you need MOBILITIY to connect a wireless Notebook/Tablet/Netbook laptop to your wired network. You can mix & match wired PCs with a wireless devices.

Making ChiroPulse Efficient for Mobility & Wireless Use

As mentioned above wireless brings mobility. The tradeoff is performance & stability. ChiroPulse has a few “wireless” settings to help in terms of performance & stability.

Computer/Windows teaks to maximize performance

Disable sleep on your laptop/tablet using Control Panel Power settings. “Change when the computer sleeps” and make it never and “turn off display” in a 2-hours or more. Likewise in power options turn on “high performance” mode.

Go to “network and sharing center” in Windows… click “Change adapter settings” … then right-click over the WIRELESS adapter & select Properties. Now click the CONFIGURE button then go to the “power management” TAB. Then UNCHECK “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. Nothing hurts performance more than your wireless network turning itself off.

Login to ChiroPulse as a wireless device

Use the wireless checkbox at login from wireless PC/tablets.

Use the wireless checkbox at login from wireless PC/tablets.

Set Ledger & other windows to view “today”. Loading dozens or hundreds of charges/payments in ledger to view today’s transactions is a performance burden.