Let us save you money getting a great Dell Computer!

To better service your office, Pulse Software is a Dell Registered Partner. This means any Dell item we sell, drop ship, resell or procure for you maintains it’s complete original FACTORY DELL warranty! Unless you are a Dell Certified or Registered Partner their factory warranties are not really transferable (unless declared as a gift, using complicated forms & reliance on vendor followup). The bottom line is that unnecessary risk is avoided when buying through Pulse Software.

There is no need for Dell resellers to inventory/stock Dell computers. Here are three main reasons: #1 Dell sells their equipment to Vendors/Resellers at about the same price as they do to customers direct on the dell.com website. Some large box store like Best Buy use Dell to lure customers into their store to look & see… and hopefully purchase a movie, DVD, software or accessory.  #2 Dell changes PCs, configurations & prices almost daily. We would never want to be selling out-dated computers we’re stuck with. #3. Dell ships direct to customer, very quickly if not immediately. Direct shipping means lowered costs to you.

We can service your office when looking for new computers &  save you money.     Even when buying just ONE computer. This is because we have more tools at our disposal to find “discounts” and “special purchase” items from Dell, including some that are sometimes reserved for Dell Partners. In addition we regularly scour the various Dell sites (Home, Office, Small Business), including Dell Outlet for fully warrantied like-new Dell Certified Refurbished PCs, Dell Certified Scratch & Dent PCs & Dell Certified New Order Canceled PC deals. All of these come with the full Dell factory warranty (& dell extended warranty options) which provides you with support & comfort while putting cash back in your pocket.

after choosing a model you must select a submodel

When ordering yourself on Dell.com you must create an account then wade through 8-10 pages and hundreds of options with temptations to overspend on items which you have no idea what they are. $20 “upgrade” here, $”50 whats-this-thingy” here…. these tack ons dramatically increase your cost while providing no benefit to your office!  WE LET YOU AVOID ALL OF THAT. You’ll never get the version of windows or 3 year “anti-virus subscription” that is worthless.

Pulse Software technicians know EXACTLY what laptop & desktop computer specs to purchase – and not to purchase – which keep prices DOWN. We buy the right computer at the right price to fit your exact needs 🙂 We make the better choices – thinking ahead for you -ordering the PCs with gigabit (faster) networking & 3 year onsite warranties as opposed to the “advertised web specials” with 180-day warrantywith mail in service  and no CD/DVD drive 🙂

Pulse Software offers per a diem computer (desktop, laptop, netbook, etc.) finding service at a nominal charge of  only $35 per computer. All you need to do is shop around and determine what you want to spend and no more. Download our printable PDF order form – click here & let us find you a better deal, for less than you though possible. Direct shipped from Dell with full warranty (& extended warranty options). With Dell you can add or extend warranties at any time later!

Printable Order Form Faxback form Click here to download PDF & faxback.