N.Y. Workers Comp C-4 & C-4.2 Forms

ChiroPulse365 now has Limited N.Y. Worker’s Comp C-4 Initial Report & C-4.2 Progress Report capability! This is featured in refresh 365.1.676 from April 8, 2009 or higher.¬† We will be improving C-4 support in the near future and allow non-NYWC users to utilize some of the tests & exams that will be tracked!

Prints on plain white paper to eliminates hassle!

Prints on plain white paper to eliminates hassle!

Working with NY Worker’s Comp Claims/Forms

You can start & attach one initial NYWC claim from any patient claim, then quickly clone C4.2 Progress Reports. You can attach visits/charges to any invoice you want: C4 or C-4.2 or HCFA-1500.

It is highly recommended to setup a special claim timeframe for that claim so that the NYWC claim can co-exist with other treatment that might occur during the WC claim period.

From Claim Wizard click NY Worker’s Comp blue link. This launches the new NYWC work area with the initial C-4 Report created (one C-4 Initial per NYWC claim obviously). From there you can create new C-4.2 Progress Reports & clone the C-4.2 reports as care is continued.

The employer’s insurer must be attached to the patient as an insurance or special claim timeframe. This allows you to print HCFA-1500 for invoicing the insurer or attaching to the NYWC forms.

Printing the C-4 Reports (parts A – D) & C-4.2 Report

You can print sections A-D of the forms from ChiroPulse at this time (first page & a half of the C-4 and first page of the C-4.2). This allows you to quickly track & print the clerical/billing info in ChiroPulse365. The rest of the form must be checked & completed by hand or via printable/savable NYWC Supplied PDF form.

If you use a fill-able PDF form for the initial C4.0 report you can save & index that PDF in ChiroPulse Document Management System to the patient & Claim. This will make it very easy to handle the forms.

When creating the NYWC invoice from Billing Wizard you must select the NYWC claim (one claim, not “all claims”) in Billing¬† Wizard Step-2 for the NYWC C4 choices to appear in Step-3. Do not select “all claims” or the NYWC invoices will not appear. You can initiate printing of the NYWC forms from the NYWC window itself. When you do this the NYWC claim will be preselected, as will “all status” and the specific carrier. This makes it very easy to print.

From the NY State Worker’s Comp Board Website

While the new C-4 family of forms must be used to report services and/or treatments provided effective April 1, 2009, the doctor has the option of including a HCFA-1500 or CMS-1500 form for billing purposes only along with the prescribed Board medical report.

Upcoming NYWC 2009 C-4 Compliance

We are diligently working on allowing the entire C-4 & C-4.2 forms to be printed directly from ChiroPulse365, including the option for electronic submission in XML format. We are looking at using the C-4.1 form for spillover CPT/charge listings as well as the other C-4 variations as they pertain to your Chiropractic office.