Buying a New Computer or replacing an older PC?

This article will help you select the best computer to protect your office/patient data. While PCs typically last for many years please prepare to regularly replace your PCs (every 3 years or so) so that performance is maintained and outages are avoided if something fails expectantly and without warning. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  Your SERVER PC stores all your patient data on a magnetic data drive that spins 7,200 time per minute! Unfortunately PCs don’t have accurate “gas gauges” or “warning lights” so an old PC that “still works” today could be the one that won’t power on tomorrow.

Please see our Windows 10 article – click here

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Winter 2018 PC “Purchase This” Hardware Recommendation:

Windows Windows 10 Pro (new PC) (64-bit) for client workstation or data server.
ChiroPulse365 will run on Windows7, Windows8 & Windows10. Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft and it not HIPAA compliant for your office. Windows 7/8 general support has concluded.
Computer PCs: Intel Core i5 or i7, 2.5Ghz or faster with 8GB or RAM/Memory. SSD Drive if possible.
Laptop/Tablet: Intel Core i5 or higher, 1.8Ghz or faster with 4GB RAM/Memory

Server or Stand-alone PC

  •  Intel Core i5 or Core i7 Processor 2.5GHz or faster is preferred. Slower is slower so please don’t do that to your staff 🙂  At all cost avoid discount/older 32-bit Celeron and CoreDuo processors as they’re slower and waste energy. Just about any Intel Core i5 PC will run great and give you a few years use as expensed office equipment.
  • 8GB or more Memory/RAM for all new PCs. (4GB is insufficient at this point)
  • SATA 3.0Gb/s drives or faster only (capacity is typically not an issue except for your server where you’ll want ample backup space ~120GB free on your system drive).
  • SSD Solid State Drive is highly recommended for your server and workstations when max performance is desired.
  • Be aware that running Windows Home on your Server as you will be LIMITED to 5 computers connecting. (Pro/Business allows 10 simultaneous PC connections, after that “Windows Server” allows near unlimited PCs to connect.)
  • Backup to USB external drive (flash drive or self-powered 2.5″ ). Please do not use DVD/CD backup as it’s unreliable, clumsy and not always compatible when needed to be used to restore files.

    Get Network Ready (this is really useful for your server PC too)
  • Gigabit Ethernet adapter on all PCs. This is common on new PCs but should not be overlooked. Add-on cards can be used on PCs with TX100 slower network adapters. Gigabit LAN adapters allow 30-50% more throughpu compared to regular old “network card”.
  • 8 port Gigabit Unmanaged switch ($50-ish to replace your existing switch or connect PCs to router.
  • On the SERVER we recommend Windows 10 Pro. These allow Windows Remote Desktop support, also since Windows “Home” editions allow only 5 simultaneous network connections that can be limiting in the future. Planning to update to Windows 10 sooner (not later) will save you trouble in the future & keep your network secure.

Client/Workstation PC (second computer connected to above server)

  • Same as above without the need for USB backup device
  • Windows Home versions ok if remote access is not required into your computer
  • Gigabit Ethernet adapter is ideal

Windows Pro/Business vs Home

  • To the end user there will be little to no difference. The Pro/Business level of 8/7/Vista/XP however offers some additional features the most useful being able to use Windows REMOTE DESKTOP to connect to the PC running Windows Pro. This allows you to remote into that PC and control it effectively from other computers and over the internet from home. You can remote FROM any Windows PC but you need Pro/Business on the PC you want to connect to.
  • As explained above Home limits a server to 5 connections (ie. 5 computers connecting to it) whereas Pro/Business raise the limit to 10 PCs.

Netbook Support (sub-notebooks, mini-laptops)

Windows 10, 8.1, 7 64-bit

  • ChiroPulse365 is fully compliant as server, standalone and network client on Windows 64-bit systems. When installing on 64-bit operating systems ChiroPulse365 will automatically install the 64-bit SQL Desktop engine

Mix & Match Windows Versions?

We would recommend that you try to keep all PCs at a similar Windows level for in-house setup, support & training. The K.I.S.S. theory applies and perhaps keeping all your PCs running Windows 7 or upgrading all to Windows 10 is smarter than one Windows 8 PC, one Windows 7 PC and an new Windows 10 computer. The less confusing the better. ChiroPulse installs itself correctly on any supported system but printers, setup & user interface differences can create trouble for your office staff.