Troubleshooting ChiroPulse365 Won’t Open or Run

ChiroPulse365 won’t let me type in my username/password
You just need to refresh ChiroPulse365 as it has expired for security sake. Use the REFRESH tab on the website or from the login screen.

ChiroPulse365 Won’t Start or Stay Running
Most likely Windows is in the middle of installing a System update and the PC needs to shutdown/restart.

  1. Shutdown your Windows PC & restart.
  2. Check for Windows Updates & install. Restart again if necessary.
  3. After the computer fully restarts, open ChiroServerTools & Backup… click CONFIGURE & make sure the MSSQL Engine is Started and ChiroPulseDbMaster is Attached. Run a backup if you haven’t recently.
  4.  Launch ChiroPulse365 and login. If it still fails right-click over CP365 and use “Run as Administrator”.
  5. If you still cannot connect restart the PC & open ChiroPulse365.
    • At the login screen click CONNECT & TROUBLESHOOT. Then click [Troubleshoot Network Access] to run thru the steps.
    • Click EXPLORE SERVER blue link then wait and make sure the PulseSQL folder on the server appears and file contents from the ServerPC are visible to your network PC(s). If you are prompted for a password use the windows PC-level login for the SERVER PC
    • If you can’t get access on the network PC then open Windows Explorer (WINKEY+ E) then click NETWORK on the left then click the name of your SERVER-PC. If prompted TURN ON SHARING & private connection (or if you are currently connected to a public network). File sharing does not work on “public” networks. Common problems are firewalls and 3rd party “security” software.