Dynamic Software Licensing Sync!

ChiroPulse offers a more dynamic, robust “activation/license” feature since Fall 2013. Please review this article to help setup & troubleshoot.

Please follow the steps below so that we can sync and issue your ChiroPulse365 licenses to match your subscription:  Printable View Printable View

A. Install the latest ChiroPulse Refresh on each CP365 computer if you have not already. Refresh link here (opens in new browser)

B. Verify file sharing on your ChiroServer PC, Open ChiroServer Tools/Backup… click CONFIGURE button. Now click SHARE FOLDER (blue link) and verify your PulseSQL work folder is shared over the network. (this should have been done when installing CP365 but it’s worth double-checking)

C. Start ChiroPulse365/DrNotes click OPEN CHIROPULSE on the bottom right of the splash screen and the login screen below will appear


ChiroPulse login screen

D. At the login screen click COMPUTER LICENSE button.

E. In “Make this PC Eligible #1” verify that the PC was made eligible (if it’s not click the button SET COMPUTER AS AVAILALBE).


F. Open ChiroServer Tools/Backup… click ACTIVATE BUTTON. Now in in #1 verify that your PCs are selected. Then #2 press the SEND ACTIVATION INFO button. You can RECEIVE (#3) later if directed to do so. When you login to ChiroPulse your license is retrieved.

FOUR PCs requesting activation above

FOUR PCs requesting activation above

G. When your subscription is sync’d it will be automatically applied when you login to ChiroPulse365. The above steps need to be done ONCE only if you have trouble after logging into ChiroPulse365/DrNotes and the license info is not available.

NOTE – the correct licensing info appears on the LOGIN SCREEN. This OVERRIDES initial popup “license” window. Please IGNORE THE EXPIRED/DAYS ON THE FIRST POPUP WINDOW as that will be replaced shortly.


Right after you try to login to ChiroPulse365/DrNotes you get one of these two popup errors then ChiroPulse shuts off:

“Bad file name”.  “runtime error 52
“Path/file access error”. Runtime error 75

These errors are a result of either not having your PulseSQL folder shared (step A above) or are due to Windows System User & Network that is not allowing proper access. WINDOWS PC USERNAME NEEDS A MATCHING WINDOWS USERNAME & PASSWORD. If  you never noticed these errors and your sharing is not setup this is because you probably never created EDI files, used IMAGE/document tagging, spellchecking or other features requiring network access.

HOW TO FIX & WHAT TO CHECK (in this order)

  1. Verify Step A. above for sharing the PulseSQL folder.
  2. Use/try the QUICK FIX below.
  3. Fix by entering credentials at the Windows System User level. On the SERVER PC set a Windows User PASSWORD for the Windows User. You can NOT share data if your SERVER has a windows Username with NO PASSWORD. HELP ARTICLE to do this here:http://chiropulse.com/blog/?p=1365

Summary – You need to have provide proper windows system user credentials windows passwords assigned to each windows login, including the server. Windods 7 & 8 require windows passwords on the SERVER to allow sharing (XP does not require this). Until setup, file sharing is BLOCKED at the Windows/System Level (no sharing without passwords).


  • Start ChiroPulse365 & go past the license window. At the ChiroPulse LOGIN window press the SELECT SERVER PC button.
  • Now press the blue EXPLORE SERVER link on the right hand column.
  • You will be prompted for the USERNAME & PASSWORD of the SERVER PC. Enter that & if you are certain it is correct check “remember credentials.
  • Now you have access to your SERVER files as required.