Tablets & Touch PCs for ChiroPulse & Wireless Use

ChiroPulse365 (& DrNotes+Scheduler) is fully optimized for PCs, Laptops, Touch Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets as well as older Netbooks! This article was last updated 12/17/2015.

Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 4 touch tablet w/ Pen

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Windows touch tablet w/ Pen support

With the release of Windows 8 came many new TOUCH devices/tablets. At that time ChiroPulse was bolstered by revising our unique “netbook visual display mode” and further enabling more touch-friendly features in our software. This allows doctors & their staff to use whatever they prefer including laptops, hi-resolution displays, touch tablets & more!

Going into 2016 as Windows 10 has gained significant momentum, “2-1 Touchscreen PCs” are an exciting class of ultra-portable personal computer. These are light weight, battery efficient yet powerful devices that run Windows 10 & ChiroPulse365! These are a natural evolution of past PC trends such Netbooks (2009) & Ultrabooks/Tablets (2013).

Wireless Use of ChiroPulse365 with Laptops & Netbooks

ChiroPulse365 (along with Dr.Notes+Scheduler) can fully accommodate wireless devices with the intended use by the doctor going from room to room wirelessly. Wireless brings mobility at a cost of performance and stability of the connection. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON WIRELESS ROOM TO ROOM USE OF CHIROPULSE IN YOUR OFFICE.

Typical Office ChiroPulse & Table Scenario:

Server/Computer (1st PC in use by staff, i.e. front desk or billing):

  • DesktopPC running Windows 10  (Windows 10 Pro if you want Remote Desktop capability)
  • Intel Core-i5 or Core-i7 processor @ 3Ghz+
  • 8GB RAM minimum

Additional (2nd /3rd) Workstation Computer (doctor’s desk, insurance, front desk,etc.)

  • Same as above except possibly substitute with an equivalent spec Laptop with Core-i3 or better processor.

Windows 10  Touch Tablet (2nd or 3rd device/license). Travel from room to room, hand to patient.
Full touch tablet running Windows 8.1 (not Windows RT) that runs all Windows programs & ChiroPulse365/DrNotes. 8″, 10″ or slightly larger screen. A few good examples FALL 2015 are listed below:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or 4 & type cover w/ Fingerprint ID – (Intel Core-i5+ processor, 6 hour battery, full laptop replacement with gorgeous screen 3:2 aspect ratio (not too wide) and dock options (to quickly connect to external monitors and wired networks).  Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint ID fits SP3 & offers immediate biometric/fingerprint login to Windows.
  • Microsoft Surface 3 w/ type cover – Intel Atom quad-core processor, touch screen and all-day battery life, excellent display 3:2 aspect ratio 1920 x 1280, Surface Pen support & real keyboard/cover.
  • Convertible 2-1 touch tablet/laptops (full keyboard) Dell XPS12 XPS13, Lenovo Yoga Series (Core i3/i5) & many more 2-1 here at microsoft store

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Tablet PCs with touch and pen support!

Optimized Display Settings in Windows

Depicted below is a high-resolution display with optimized settings for ChiroPulse365 to fill the entire “tablet” screen making the touch points as large as possible.

Windows “desktop” does not automatically scale applications such as ChiroPulse365 to fit our display. However Windows lets you optimize your display with trial-and-error so that ChiroPulse can be nearly full screen for easier reading and touch.

For complete details see this article – “Perfecting & Adjusting Your Display/Screen Resolution”


Not optimized. 1920×1080 resolution screen at “smaller 100%” the Windows default.


1920×1080 resolution screen at “medium 125%”.
Notice how ChiroPulse fills more of the screen. This is ideal for many users.



1920×1080 resolution screen at “larger 150%”.
Here notice how ChiroPulse fills almost the entire screen OPTIMIZING visibility if desired

Printable View Printable View