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Block Pre-scheduling from Careplan has arrived!

This highly requested feature is now now ready for your office! (database level 5.11+)

From the patient’s Careplan you can select a careplan entry – for example “3 times weekly starting 11/1/2009 through 11/15/2009” – and quickly schedule multiple appointments for a patient directly to scheduler, while picking the preferred time/dates. This feature is useful for all practice types, from cash-only to personal injury since it allows rapid appointment entry & the quick printing of these appointments for the patient. It nicely integrates the clinical Careplans with the clerical Scheduler & visit posting.

You can block schedule the following Careplan entries: Daily, Daily AM/PM, Weekly. Other intervals can more easily be cloned. Click the careplan entry (ie. 10/01 Weekly entry selected below) then click the “Block Schedule” link to see the block schedule careplan overlay.

block schedule

block schedule directly using careplan entries!

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