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Optimizing your Computer for ChiroPulse two easy steps

For wireless use please refer to this article – click here.

If you are using ChiroPulse on a computer, laptop or tablet that is on desk & not used portably there are some useful settings you really should use to optimize your ChiroPulse experience & performance.  Please follow these two easy steps!  Printable View Printable View

1. Disable sleep on your laptop/tablet when plugged in.

If you are using a computer that is plugged in you don’t want it going to sleep until you tell it to go to sleep. Putting the computer to sleep shuts down the network connection, freezes applications (like ChiroPulse) and takes time to wake up and login. This is an unnecessary annoyance.

In Windows 10 simply click the windows button and type sleep then select “Power and Sleep Settings“. In Windows 7 use Control Panel “Power settings” then click “Change when the computer sleeps”. Set sleep to never and “turn off display” in a 2-hours or more. Likewise in power options turn on “high performance” mode.

When leaving your computer unattended with access by patients, use WINKEY+L to lock your computer requiring Windows login to proceed. Also use the PRIVACY button in ChiroPulse to protect your data when the computer is not left unattended. Continue reading

Windows XP is NOT HIPAA Compliant… time to replace XP computers with new Windows 10 PCs

Windows XP is not HIPAA Compliant & no longer supported by Microsoft. This makes Windows XP insecure & vulnerable to malware, viruses and intrusion.

If you are using Windows XP and suffer a data breach you will be subject to major financial and other penalties for your office .

Replace all XP computers with a new Windows 10 Computer immediately.

Microsoft ended support of Windows XP on 4/8/2014 (no more security updates or support) so it is urgent for offices to migrate off Windows XP immediately. We highly recommend moving to new computers with Windows 10. There is no software upgrade path from Windows XP. Never upgrade your “server” PC from XP, instead purchase a new computer (with a Core i5 3GHz or faster CPU).

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