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Email notifications from Scheduler & more

ChiroPulse has Microsoft Outlook (Office365 or Office 2013) support to make it hassle free (see info below) to send email seemlessly, including calendar events. This article highlights the email notification options for patients & doctors regarding scheduler. Use “preferred options” “e-mail setup” tab to configure your email setup. Once completed you can email patients & doctor from scheduler. We highly recommend using Outlook/Office365.

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Scheduler – Tutorial, Overview, setup, using Slots, Vacations, Temporary hours, etc.

Enhanced Scheduler – Tutorial & Overview Walk through on the scheduler with pictures. .

Scheduler Tips – 10 tips for the Enhanced Scheduler

Scheduler – Enhanced Initial Setup ~ Refreshing from database level below 5.07 Instructions & walk through when Refreshing to the new ChiroPulse365 scheduler.

Scheduler – Enhanced using Slots, Vacations & temporary hours. Overview of the new scheduler featured in ChiroPulse365 database level 5.07 or higher

Scheduler – Enhanced finding open Slots Overview of the new scheduler & selecting & finding open slots

Enhanced Scheduler Tutorial & Overview

The Scheduler is your computerized daybook that integrates with ledger and patient data. It is customizable, including the setting hours, breaks and appointments per time slot for each day, for each doctor. The Scheduler was specifically designed to allow the vast majority of daily functions to be performed from this single screen (i.e., scheduling, posting charges, patient payment/co-payment, walkout receipt, access to patient careplan/travel card, etc.).

The Scheduler is also integrated with the Patient Claim Wizard & Ledger. You can set your default appointment information for each patient, for each “claim”, in the Claim Wizard. This includes default charges, times, etc. Typical appointment information that can be collected in the scheduler includes treatment codes (CPT, Multi & User codes) and treating doctors. This can streamline data entry, saving time & reducing errors. The scheduled charges/services (CPT, Multi & User codes) will be posted to the Patient’s Ledger when you set the visit status to kept (from waiting or treating). From the ChiroPulse start page “MyOffice” click the top icon bar “View scheduler” to launch the scheduler window. The scheduler is self-contained in an independent window to allow for quick return to office & patient tasks not scheduler related.

Scheduler  Overview ~ what each button & clickable item does:

dimmed choices waiting for patient selection


Ten (10) Scheduling Tips with ChiroPulse365 Enhanced Scheduler

1. If all slots for the doctor are taken you can quickly insert one.
First click on a taken slot for the doctor, so it presets that doctor. Now click “new appointment”, select the patient then click “Select Slot”. Now press “Add Extra Slot” and create the additional slot.

2. Future Appointments view is for…. you guessed it…. viewing only future appointents 🙂
To view all appointments for the week simply click the date and in the calendar click Week. To view all appointments for the month for a specific patient, in scheduler F3 find the patient & click the date, then month button. Presto!

3. Keyboard shortcuts are your friend in patient finder. Especially the less obvious ones.
For example in the patient dropbox type “all” (without the quotes” and press down arrow to immediately go to all patients. To find Joe Fitzgerald simply type fitzg and press down once or twice until Joe Fitzgerald appears right before your eyes! No need to keep reaching for the mouse. Continue reading