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Windows 10 & ChiroPulse

Windows 10 is a free update from Microsoft (until July 29, 2016) to genuine licensed PCs running Windows 7 or 8.1. Microsoft began rolling out Windows 10 update on July 29, 2015 and you will see the “free upgrade” offer in your windows Notification area (lower right by the clock/date) until the offer expires. We highly recommend you “reserve” your free upgrade.

ChiroPulse software has been tested and used daily on Windows 10 starting with the Fall 2014 “Windows 10 Developers/Technical preview”. Windows 10 is a real hit and just works great.


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Windows XP is NOT HIPAA Compliant… time to replace XP computers with new Windows 10 PCs

Windows XP is not HIPAA Compliant & no longer supported by Microsoft. This makes Windows XP insecure & vulnerable to malware, viruses and intrusion.

If you are using Windows XP and suffer a data breach you will be subject to major financial and other penalties for your office .

Replace all XP computers with a new Windows 10 Computer immediately.

Microsoft ended support of Windows XP on 4/8/2014 (no more security updates or support) so it is urgent for offices to migrate off Windows XP immediately. We highly recommend moving to new computers with Windows 10. There is no software upgrade path from Windows XP. Never upgrade your “server” PC from XP, instead purchase a new computer (with a Core i5 3GHz or faster CPU).

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Buying a New Computer or replacing an older PC?

This article will help you select the best computer to protect your office/patient data. While PCs typically last for many years please prepare to regularly replace your PCs (every 3 years or so) so that performance is maintained and outages are avoided if something fails expectantly and without warning. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  Your SERVER PC stores all your patient data on a magnetic data drive that spins 7,200 time per minute! Unfortunately PCs don’t have accurate “gas gauges” or “warning lights” so an old PC that “still works” today could be the one that won’t power on tomorrow.

Please see our Windows 10 article – click here

Please read below & follow our suggestions to improve performance, save cost and make your life easier… Printable View Printable View

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Perfecting & Adjusting Your Display/Screen Resolution

Windows Display Scaling & Screens/Monitors

Windows “desktop” was not designed for dynamically scaling applications to fit your display optimally. As computer monitors become higher resolution (1080p for example) one side effect is that everything on-screen gets relatively SMALLER. The good news is that newer versions of Windows allow more optimization to get ChiroPulse nearly full screen and working very good on Windows 8 tablets while keeping the “touch points” large as possible.

ChiroPulse now includes both Netbook and Tablet mode to allow you to optimize your viewing. At the login window use “VISUAL MODE” to setup each PC and learn more. This article provides more information too! Continue reading

Remote Access into your Office PC to use ChiroPulse

Save & secure remote access to your office PC is a valuable tool for your office. This allows you to “operate” your Office computer and ChiroPulse365 from almost any computer using an internet connection. Here are a few popular solutions:

Let us save you money getting a great Dell Computer!

To better service your office, Pulse Software is a Dell Registered Partner. This means any Dell item we sell, drop ship, resell or procure for you maintains it’s complete original FACTORY DELL warranty! Unless you are a Dell Certified or Registered Partner their factory warranties are not really transferable (unless declared as a gift, using complicated forms & reliance on vendor followup). The bottom line is that unnecessary risk is avoided when buying through Pulse Software.

There is no need for Dell resellers to inventory/stock Dell computers. Here are three main reasons: #1 Dell sells their equipment to Vendors/Resellers at about the same price as they do to customers direct on the website. Some large box store like Best Buy use Dell to lure customers into their store to look & see… and hopefully purchase a movie, DVD, software or accessory.  #2 Dell changes PCs, configurations & prices almost daily. We would never want to be selling out-dated computers we’re stuck with. #3. Dell ships direct to customer, very quickly if not immediately. Direct shipping means lowered costs to you.

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