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ERA 835 Electronic Payments

Start to finish – Instructions for using ERA 835 Electronic Payments in ChiroPulse365.

Step 1 – Sign up with your clearing house or insurance carrier to receive ERA 835 files. This entails filling out a few forms which can be obtained from your carrier/clearinghouse. The process takes anywhere from 2-8 weeks. Please note that most clearinghouses charge for this service so it may be beneficial to contact your insurance carrier directly to find out how to receive their ERA’s at no additional cost.

Step 2 – Enter the Payor ID and 835 Payer ID for each insurance carrier. Continue reading

ICD Select/Find/Replace universal search (Claim Wizard)

ChiroPulse features an enhanced ICD Selector/Finder in Claim Wizard to make ICD-10 selection easier than in the past. As before you can type in the name or code and press Enter/Find.

Now it features universal search by code or description allowing you to OMIT certain text also making finding ICDs easier. The search also finds partial matches, making it easier to look up the code you need. Continue reading

ICD-10 Setup & Use for your Office (10/1/2015 go date)

Updated 10/28/2015. During the ICD-10 “go live” timeframe, please refresh ChiroPulse immediately (when prompted or check the Live Notes are of the login page) to make sure your office has the latest ICD-10 enhancements and logic.  Printable View Printable View

Helpful companion article:  ICD-10 Frequent questions click here.


Processing Electronic Payment 835 ERA files

An exciting add-on service is available to ChiroPulse365 subscribers which lets your office automatically input payments quickly into ledger via Electronic Payment 835 ERA files.  This is a huge time-saver for your office staff!  You can obtain the Electronic Payment 835 ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) file from your clearinghouse/carrier and now quickly import hundreds (or thousands!) of line-item “payment” entries into the Ledger of many patients very quickly. This is not only much faster than manual entry of this payment data but the input is 100% accurate with no typos or mistakes.

The Electronic Payments add-on is available in “pre-release” to select users at NO COST! To gain early access please use the form at the bottom of this page. Upon full-release of the “Electronic Payments Add-on” all ChiroPulse365 subscribers will be given free unlimited-use of this add-on for a number of days. We know demand is high for this feature but we want to get it 100% right so during the pre-release time we’ll be sorting out a few more regional clearinghouses & carriers.  Printable View Printable View Continue reading

PQRS reporting is simple

Now available & automated! You can easily and correctly report PQRS for Medicare (or other carriers). The necessary CPT G-codes have been added to your system along with logic to prompt for selecting the correct code when posting charges/visit info for  a patient that was designated for PQRS reporting. This will ensure that you insert the CPT G-codes as needed as well as record the correct ones based on previously used codes. Continue reading

Electronic Claims Submission: start to finish

Choose a Clearinghouse to provide EDI / Electronic Claims Service
Your office must select an EDI clearinghouse to accept the electronic claims that are generated by ChiroPulse. Clearinghouse prices & value-added services will vary so please determine your office needs. We generally tell people to start looking first at Ability who have offered many ChiroPulse offices prompt service for years. You can then compare their price and services to other or local Clearinghouses. Click Here for info on a few good EDI Clearinghouses that we recommend and/or have received good feedback from actual customers about. Continue reading

Data Backup – Protect your patient data (& office accounts)

Data Backup with ChiroServer Tools & Removable Media

Printable View Printable View
Nightly Backup: At the end of day use ChiroServer Tools to backup your ChiroPulse (ChiropulseDBmaster) database. This is located on your Server or stand-alone PC. A multi-step redundant backup will protect your office against every type of possible data loss (i.e. hard-drive failure, sabatoge, flood, fire, theft, etc.) Continue reading

Scheduler – Tutorial, Overview, setup, using Slots, Vacations, Temporary hours, etc.

Enhanced Scheduler – Tutorial & Overview Walk through on the scheduler with pictures. .

Scheduler Tips – 10 tips for the Enhanced Scheduler

Scheduler – Enhanced Initial Setup ~ Refreshing from database level below 5.07 Instructions & walk through when Refreshing to the new ChiroPulse365 scheduler.

Scheduler – Enhanced using Slots, Vacations & temporary hours. Overview of the new scheduler featured in ChiroPulse365 database level 5.07 or higher

Scheduler – Enhanced finding open Slots Overview of the new scheduler & selecting & finding open slots