Troubleshooting ChiroPulse365 Won’t Open or Run

2020 Timeframe Clone Utility: use this direct download link (or alternate download link click here) to download, save to desktop & run the utility.

Late 2019/early 2020 Connection issues: Aggressive “security protections” by our web hosting service might unfortunately temporarily IP block your location. Make sure to REFRESH using the above link as repeat attempts using expired refresh utiities can trigger the connection issue.

2020 Schedule Slots: If 2020 slots have not created please do the following to auto-create the slots immediately:  In scheduler, click “Year view & set hours” then click “Set standard office hours and rooms”. This opens the Scheduler Hours Setup window. Next select a doctor (that is a treating doctor in the current schedule) and make a change then press SAVE. You might need to make a change for the SAVE to work though (i.e. add 15 minutes on a Saturday, then go back and revert then re-save). The 2020 slots will be created. Repeat for all treating doctors as needed.

ChiroPulse365 won’t let me type in my username/password
You just need to refresh ChiroPulse365 as it has expired for security sake. Use the REFRESH tab on the website or from the login screen.

At launch: Run-Time Error 214727887(80040e21) The ODBC driver does not support the required properties. This is a generic Windows error that indicates the Windows network protocols are failing to connect via the PC hardware. This is a catastrophic Microsoft Windows network error that could involve malware or other intrusion. A hardware tech should be consulted to review, and full Windows re installation is possibly required. Try the steps below “ChiroPulse365 Won’ts Start or Stay Running” first.

ChiroPulse365 Won’t Start or Stay Running
Most likely Windows is in the middle of installing a System update and the PC needs to shutdown/restart.

  1. Shutdown your Windows PC & restart.
  2. Check for Windows Updates & install. Restart again if necessary.
  3. After the computer fully restarts, open ChiroServerTools & Backup… click CONFIGURE & make sure the MSSQL Engine is Started and ChiroPulseDbMaster is Attached. Run a backup if you haven’t recently.
  4.  Launch ChiroPulse365 and login. If it still fails right-click over CP365 and use “Run as Administrator”.
  5. If you still cannot connect restart the PC & open ChiroPulse365.
    • At the login screen click CONNECT & TROUBLESHOOT. Then click [Troubleshoot Network Access] to run thru the steps.
    • Click EXPLORE SERVER blue link then wait and make sure the PulseSQL folder on the server appears and file contents from the ServerPC are visible to your network PC(s). If you are prompted for a password use the windows PC-level login for the SERVER PC
    • If you can’t get access on the network PC then open Windows Explorer (WINKEY+ E) then click NETWORK on the left then click the name of your SERVER-PC. If prompted TURN ON SHARING & private connection (or if you are currently connected to a public network). File sharing does not work on “public” networks. Common problems are firewalls and 3rd party “security” software.

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MIPS Quality Payment Program Participation & Consideration

Important takeaways for your office regarding Merit-based Incentive Performance System (M.I.P.S.) meaningful use (formerly PQRS & EHR) starting January 1, 2017.   Printable View Printable View

Exciting news for many for small/medium sized offices! You will no longer be penalized by bureaucracy. EHR certification is no longer mandatory and even better is the addition of a participation threshold that removes this Meaningful Use burden from many practitioners.

M.I.P.S. explained – click image for more info

  1. Simply put M.I.P.S. (formerly PQRS, EHR, Meaningful Use, etc) incentives and penalties do not apply to many offices/Drs. This includes new Medicare practitioners and offices/Drs who treat less than 100 unique Medicare patients per year AND bill $30,000 to Medicare based on the Medicare allowed amounts. You can run the in ChiroPulse to see if you met that threshold over the past few years to help determine if M.I.P.S. applies to your office in 2017.
  2. PQRS reporting ends 12/31/2016 so report thru 12/31/16 as it effects 2018 payments.
  3. Merit-based Incentive Performance System (M.I.P.S.) reporting/collecting starts 1/1/2017 (MIPS is a formula that includes Quality Measures, Cost, Improvement Activities & Advancing Care Information (EHR use) and possible payment adjustments begin 2 years later.
  4. EHR certified software & use is no longer directly rewarded, nor are you penalized for not using EHR certified software. EHR use counts for a portion of your MIPS score (25%) but you can still gain an incentive payment if your score is 70 or above which is attainable with the other three components. You can submit a hardship application to Medicare to opt out of EHR Certified software utilization via simple explanations (such as ChiroPulse office software not being EHR certified 2017) and have that portion of your score assigned to one of the other areas. The important takeaway is that the simple lack of EHR software certification & 100% meaningful use does not cause financial penalty to your office.

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ChiroPulse365 Solo

Printable View Printable View ChiroPulse has been used by Chiropractors world-wide for over 20 years! An interesting dynamic we’ve seen is how each of your offices has a slightly unique way of scheduling, billing, documenting patient care, etc. No two offices are exactly alike!

Summer 2017 we will be offering Chiropractors another tool for your practice to support your doctors & workers… ChiroPulse365 Solo.

The heart of CP365Solo is streamlining & simplifying the ChiroPulse365 experience for a majority of your ChiroPulse computer time… specifically when you are not running billing tasks. Here are a few examples of who will benefit…

+ The current ChiroPulse DrNotes/Scheduler (network PC/tablet) user who benefits from a combined & streamlined scheduler & notes window.

+ The doctor with one-PC or several PCs who wants to quickly work with patient files & review the schedule while having their patient info immediately visible without jumping in and out of windows and screens.

+ The doctor (solo-practitioner or with a partner/associate) who finds him/herself at the office without enough front-desk personnel (or perhaps no front-desk staff). Modern offices face difficulties – along with their workers –  balancing personal matters such as having to leave early for child/elder care, arriving after the office opens or not always being able to “stay late” for the last patient or two late stuck in traffic! CP365Solo can help you out!

+ Or maybe your office has flexible hours or “always open” service to patients. Do you have a “home office” 15-minutes away or even a “home office” in your home!? No matter the scenario CP365Solo will improve your practice & patient care by allowing immediate access to your patient data so you can treat & reschedule with ease.

CP365Solo reinvents our “ChiroPulse Travelcard” by surfacing even more patient information to the doctor & staff. You’ll see more patient info, more visit info, more insurance info – as well as your schedule – while bolstering performance (wired and wireless) in comparison to DrNotes/Scheduler or CP365. The goal is to allow you to quickly review your patients and their important info, see upcoming scheduled appointments, post charges & payments/copays quickly, reschedule patients, print walkouts and handle your office/patient workflow efficiently! Plus lets not forget how easy it is to enter soaps & narratives.

Using the Travelcard Solo…

Simply find a patient or click on the schedule to view the information shown below in Travelcard…

  • Claims & ICDs – immediate review & one-click edit
  • Patient ID/photo (age/DOB, gender, mobile, home & work phone #s)
  • Complaint – immediate review & one-click edit
  • Careplan – immediate review & one-click edit
  • Soap, History, Keywords & Meds – – immediate review & one-click edit with search
  • Chiro & Patient Info – immediate review & one-click edit with search
  • Flags always visible & one-click edit with search
  • Future appointments –  one click away
  • # Visits on this claim visible
  • # Visits linked to the insurance timeframe is visible
  • Copay 1 & 2 visible
  • Last x-ray date visible with one-click edit
  • Last visit date & CPT visible
  • SCHEDULE – always visible mini view of the schedule with ability to hide prior appointments except pending, waiting & treating.
  • Add appointments, new patients & clone existing patients when they walkout.
  • Add visits/charges/payments/copayments
  • Mark appointments kept, waiting, rescheduled, cancelled or no-show
  • Menu buttons for OFFICE, WALKOUT & CLINICAL let you quickly find vital tasks that are less frequently used.
  • Launch ChiroPulse365 (full office notebook) and Scheduler as needed.

more info coming soon…

Optimizing your Computer for ChiroPulse two easy steps

For wireless use please refer to this article – click here.

If you are using ChiroPulse on a computer, laptop or tablet that is on desk & not used portably there are some useful settings you really should use to optimize your ChiroPulse experience & performance.  Please follow these two easy steps!  Printable View Printable View

1. Disable sleep on your laptop/tablet when plugged in.

If you are using a computer that is plugged in you don’t want it going to sleep until you tell it to go to sleep. Putting the computer to sleep shuts down the network connection, freezes applications (like ChiroPulse) and takes time to wake up and login. This is an unnecessary annoyance.

In Windows 10 simply click the windows button and type sleep then select “Power and Sleep Settings“. In Windows 7 use Control Panel “Power settings” then click “Change when the computer sleeps”. Set sleep to never and “turn off display” in a 2-hours or more. Likewise in power options turn on “high performance” mode.

When leaving your computer unattended with access by patients, use WINKEY+L to lock your computer requiring Windows login to proceed. Also use the PRIVACY button in ChiroPulse to protect your data when the computer is not left unattended. Continue reading

ERA 835 Electronic Payments

Start to finish – Instructions for using ERA 835 Electronic Payments in ChiroPulse365.

Step 1 – Sign up with your clearing house or insurance carrier to receive ERA 835 files. This entails filling out a few forms which can be obtained from your carrier/clearinghouse. The process takes anywhere from 2-8 weeks. Please note that most clearinghouses charge for this service so it may be beneficial to contact your insurance carrier directly to find out how to receive their ERA’s at no additional cost.

Step 2 – Enter the Payor ID and 835 Payer ID for each insurance carrier. Continue reading

ICD Select/Find/Replace universal search (Claim Wizard)

ChiroPulse features an enhanced ICD Selector/Finder in Claim Wizard to make ICD-10 selection easier than in the past. As before you can type in the name or code and press Enter/Find.

Now it features universal search by code or description allowing you to OMIT certain text also making finding ICDs easier. The search also finds partial matches, making it easier to look up the code you need. Continue reading

ICD-10 Setup & Use for your Office (10/1/2015 go date)

Updated 10/28/2015. During the ICD-10 “go live” timeframe, please refresh ChiroPulse immediately (when prompted or check the Live Notes are of the login page) to make sure your office has the latest ICD-10 enhancements and logic.  Printable View Printable View

Helpful companion article:  ICD-10 Frequent questions click here.