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ICD-10 Setup & Use for your Office (10/1/2015 go date)

Coming soon… ICD-10 is enabled in ChiroPulse refresh 18xx released 8/xx/2015. This provides your office almost two months of prep time for ICD-10 to properly document and continue your billing.
Before the October 1, 2015 date where ICD-10 can be used (as per your carriers) ChiroPulse365 will be further enhanced for ICD-10 including adding more codes and better search/organization to help you select the correct ICD-10 code for your patients.
In ChiroPulse365, ICD-10 use is linked to carriers and patient claims. You can turn on all your insurers for whatever date they require ICD-10. This will create CMS forms & EDI files with ICD-10 codes instead of ICD-9. ChiroPulse365 allows you to append current claims (with ICD-9 codes in use) with ICD-10 codes so that the “turn on ICD-10 date” is seamless to your staff.
We’ll roll out additional refreshes regularly with more ICD-10 niceties but with 2-months to spare the ICD-10 engine is in places with many useful ICD-10 codes as well. We recommend you don’t “build your ICD-10 code library” yet as Medicare and local carriers have not finalized their “approved ICD-10” lists but instead familiarize yourself with ICD-10 codes, setup and perhaps test with a “test” patie
  • ICD-10 Capability Added – Database level 5.17
  • Insurance Tab & Editor – ICD-10 “start date” added to specify when each carrier requires ICD-10. Visible column added in Insurer Tab to quickly see and edit these carriers.
  • Code Editor – option to save ICD codes as “ICD-10. Many ICD-10 codes are already added with more coming.
  • ICD-10 Task Manager – Insurance tab button added to quickly jump to a list of patient claims with ICD-9 codes in use with carriers that require ICD-10
  • Claim Wizard – When creating a new claim you must choose if the claim is ICD-9 or ICD-10. Each claim is defined ICD-99 or ICD-10 however you can assign ICD-10 codes to existing (ICD-9) claims. This will allow you to append current claims with new ICD-10 codes as required (i.e patients treating Sept 30 treating again Oct 1 don’t require new claims). ICD-10 replace/add capability added as per ICD-9.

Processing Electronic Payment 835 ERA files

An exciting add-on service is available to ChiroPulse365 subscribers which lets your office automatically input payments quickly into ledger via Electronic Payment 835 ERA files.  This is a huge time-saver for your office staff!  You can obtain the Electronic Payment 835 ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) file from your clearinghouse/carrier and now quickly import hundreds (or thousands!) of line-item “payment” entries into the Ledger of many patients very quickly. This is not only much faster than manual entry of this payment data but the input is 100% accurate with no typos or mistakes.

The Electronic Payments add-on is available in “pre-release” to select users at NO COST! To gain early access please use the form at the bottom of this page. Upon full-release of the “Electronic Payments Add-on” all ChiroPulse365 subscribers will be given free unlimited-use of this add-on for a number of days. We know demand is high for this feature but we want to get it 100% right so during the pre-release time we’ll be sorting out a few more regional clearinghouses & carriers.  Printable View Printable View Continue reading

Email notifications from Scheduler & more

ChiroPulse has Microsoft Outlook (Office365 or Office 2013) support to make it hassle free (see info below) to send email seemlessly, including calendar events. This article highlights the email notification options for patients & doctors regarding scheduler. Use “preferred options” “e-mail setup” tab to configure your email setup. Once completed you can email patients & doctor from scheduler. We highly recommend using Outlook/Office365.

Continue reading

CMS-1500 HCFA Claim Form (02-12) Readiness w/ 12 ICDs

ChiroPulse365 (refresh x.1401+) is ready for the new CMS-1500 2014 (02-12) paper form that most carriers will be accepting 4/1/2014. This form (and “plain text EDI file) adds some new fields & qualifiers that applies to paper/print.  All PIN/Overrides are available as used before with prior claim forms (print & electronic). Three “invoices” typically apply:

  1. Paper Printed: CMS-1500 Form 2014 (Revision 02-12)
  2. Electronic Submission: Plain Text 2014 (typically requires one-time “mapping” by your clearinghouse)
  3. Electronic Submission: ANSI837 5010 EDI format (fields and qualifiers to not apply to this format) Continue reading

ICD-10 Info & ChiroPulse Use (submission delayed to 10/1/2015)

On April 1, 2014 President Obama signed into legislation the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (H.R.4302) which includes a one year delay in the implementation of ICD 10 codes. The new date for implementation is 10/1/2015. To read more please click here.

The implementation of ICD-10 has been delayed again but ChiroPulse365 is now fully ICD-10 compliant (since March 2014) and as the “you must use ICD-10, not ICD-9 codes” date of 10/1/2015 approaches ChiroPulse will offer tools to conveniently move your ICD-9 Claims to ICD-10. The biggest obstacle your office faces is that you cannot intermix ICD-9 codes and ICD-10 codes in one claim. The second obstacle is knowing which ICD-10 to use or which Medicare will approve. As the ICD-10 rollout date approaches we’ll make your life easier. Continue reading

PQRS reporting is simple

Now available & automated! You can easily and correctly report PQRS for Medicare (or other carriers). The necessary CPT G-codes have been added to your system along with logic to prompt for selecting the correct code when posting charges/visit info for  a patient that was designated for PQRS reporting. This will ensure that you insert the CPT G-codes as needed as well as record the correct ones based on previously used codes. Continue reading

Wireless Networking

Wi-fi wireless roaming between treatment and other rooms in your office is possible. As people can wirelessly use their phones & view the web or fetch email, it is a nice goal to be able to wireless access your ChiroPulse data from anywhere in your office. We have tested and used wi-fi going back to Winter 2005 with early Wireless “Pre-N” networking equipment. Continue reading